Having a Baby Could Soon Cost Less in These States

Having a baby is expensive, and the cost of diapers significantly burdens many new families. According to Parents(opens in new tab), a baby can go through 2,500-3,000 diapers in the first year, which can result in an annual expense of $900. That amount can be higher if using high-end organic brand diapers, or for families that have multiple infants. In addition to the already high cost of diapers, many parents are paying high sales tax.

According to the National Diaper Bank Network(opens in new tab), sales tax alone can account for up to $76 each year per child. In some states, having two children in diapers can amount to $456 paid in sales tax, assuming those children remain in diapers for three years.

Eliminating the diaper tax in Maine could ease the financial strain on families with low income. Many families in Maine must choose between diapers and buying groceries, according to the Klahr Jewish Family Services(opens in new tab) Diaper Bank.

Lawmakers in Maine have been attempting to eliminate sales tax on diapers since 2017, but efforts were unsuccessful in the past.

Due to the pandemic, the 2020 bill didn’t make it past the appropriations table, where it awaited possible state funding.
The state’s new bill to end the diaper tax has passed the Maine House and Senate.
A final vote on the new bill is expected this month.

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